Our Classification Brain help you to get to insights faster by utilizing AI & ML to reduce the time needed, as well as amounts of training data compared to other Asset Inspection & Precision Defect Detection software solutions in the market.

C-Brain Use Cases

Vegetation Management

Categorizing vegetation into distinct height levels, namely low, medium, and high, while also detecting instances of current and future vegetation encroachment.

Building Asset Management

Delivering classification services for different types of buildings and other man-made entities such as vehicles and roads.

Carbon Management

Individual trees are automatically classified and segmented, visualizing various attributes of the tree, including height and size.

Multiple iphone 12's in different colours on a manufacturing line being subjected to Mindtrace's classification confidence level.

Image Classification

Support is offered for a diverse array of classification types, encompassing over 100 categories that span from mobile devices to intricate machinery components.

Mindtrace Case Studies

Curious to see how C-Brain has been used in conjunction with our other AI Brains to drive real-world results? Check out one of our industry case studies below!

Aerospace Industry

Electronics Industry

Utilities Industry

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