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Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense™ Platform, delivering leading-edge defect detection accuracy for manufacturers across the globe.

Precision defect detection


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Precision Defect Detection

Industry Challenges

Inconsistent manual QA inspection processes

Manual defect and anomaly detection are prone to human error.

Inspection Accuracy Variability

Poor levels of accuracy lead to high levels of cost.

Data Limitations

Traditional AI Solutions require thousands of labelled data samples to train a model, making it a time-consuming challenge to implement AI.

Limited Adaptability

Traditional AI Solutions lack adaptability to changing use cases.


Brain-Sense™ Solutions

Mindtrace offers Manufacturers a complete AI solution for Precision Defect Detection, supporting clients’ AI journey and enhancing their defect detection capabilities. Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense™ Platform creates and deploys a custom AI brain for the client’s organisation, using Cloud, dedicated hosts or Edge devices. The AI brains localise and classify product defects on the manufacturing floor, delivering industry-leading accuracy. This proactive approach enhances manufacturers’ capabilities whilst simultaneously increasing accuracy and reducing costs. 

End-to-end Solution


Image Classification

Performed by the Mindtrace C-Brain

Mindtrace supports over 1000 classes and defect types. The quality defect standards are based on the customer’s requirements. 


Defect Detection

Performed by the Mindtrace D-Brain

Mindtrace supports most imaging formats, including RGB, X-RAY and DCOM to localise defective regions.


Image Anomalies

Performed by the Mindtrace A-Brain

Mindtrace supports a variety of industrial environments to detect anomalies.

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Industry-leading Brain-Sense™ Technology

Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense™ platform is at the forefront of AI technology, rapidly creating and deploying customised AI brains which exceed our client’s requirements while simultaneously reducing costs and inspection cycle time. 

Reduction in Rollout Time

Pretrained and optimised AI brains enable significant reductions in rollout time.

AI Brains Capable of Dynamic Learning

Consolidates new use case knowledge through continuous learning on the line, during the production cycle.

Minimal Data Required

Harnessing Few-shot learning, Mindtrace AI Brains produce industry-leading accuracy using minimal data samples.

Reduction in Data Tagging

Mindtrace AI Framework requires minimal labelled data samples, reducing labelling costs.

Brain-Sense™ Technology

Producing Best-In-Class Results

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Industrial Segments Mindtrace Supports



Heavy Industrial Equipment




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