Take LiDAR processing time down from months, to weeks

Mindtrace’s AI-powered LiDAR solution helps businesses significantly reduce the cost and cycle time required to get from input data to actionable and accurate insights, resulting in up to a 90% reduction in completion time while simultaneously bringing accuracy up to 97%.

Point Cloud Image showcasing a Pole's Lean

Challenges with manual Asset Inspection

High Levels of Cost

Point Cloud Processing is heavily reliant upon human labor which drastically increases costs.

Mindtrace’s Solution
Reduces costs by lowering need to manually tag or modify vast data sets.

Time to insight

Traditional Point Cloud processing takes months to complete, making the data redundant once received.

Mindtrace’s Solution
Leverages proprietary Vision AI  technology to vastly reduce processing time.

Data Protection

Sensitive data is being outsourced to nations with minimal data security leading to potential data breaches.

Mindtrace’s Solution
Deploys on-premises or in custom cloud setups, giving you full control over your data.


Your solution deployed within weeks, not months


Briefing and Data Normalization

We work closely with your team to curate and normalize the correct dataset.

Average Time: 1 Week


Brain Development

Utilizing our Brain-Sense™ Platform to develop your AI Brain.

Average Time: 3 Weeks


Brain Deployment

Your AI Brain is deployed using dedicated Cloud, servers or edge devices.

Average Time: 1 Day


Post-Deployment Monitoring

The brain continuously improves, learning from tasks and knowledge sharing.

Average Time: Ongoing


Enterprise Ready & Modular by Design

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