Our mission is to create a novel, disruptive, world-class, brain-inspired, efficient AI technology ​

We are building brain-inspired intelligent systems to maximally exploit the functionality and performance of edge devices in markets such as smart devices and inspection. Our trademarked Brain-Sense™ technology continuously learns new use cases from unlabelled data using only a few reference examples and transfers this learnt knowledge between the edge devices.

This novel technology enables a set of new possibilities that minimizes the need for Big Data and allows for faster-learning and more robust AI.

We ​reduce costs in AI deployment through faster learning, and provide product differentiation through more robust AI​

Key capabilities of our Brain-Sense™ technology:

Use of unlabelled data​

  • Use-case AI models are trained with untagged data​

Few-shot incremental learning​

  • Use-case brains are trained to learn​ continuously with few data samples and without model re-runs​


  • Brains may merge together​ directly - no central data​ repository required​

Learn from all data​

  • Data imbalances do not​ impair learning, even​ across multiple sensors​

Contextual understanding

  • Infer the meaning of a scene from video, image and sensor data input

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