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An Overview

Based out of Manchester, UK, California, US and Rhode Island, US, Mindtrace has been developing and enhancing its AI technology, Brain-Sense™ for 4+ years. Our AI experts and industry veterans have created a state-of-the-art Brain-Sense™ platform, which creates AI Brains that are solving industry pain points for enterprises across the globe.

AI Brain rotating

Our solutions

A powerline

The future of LiDAR data analytics.

Asset Inspection

Mindtrace offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for Point Cloud Data Analytics, transforming LiDAR data into actionable insights within weeks, not months. Delivering game-changing solutions to asset inspection, vegetation management and proximity alerts. 

Industries we support

Power Distribution
Oil and Gas Infrastructure

Precision Defect Detection

The next digital industrial revolution is upon us. Mindtrace is supporting Manufacturers across the globe on their AI / ML journey, providing best-in-class solutions for precision defect detection.

Industries we support

Heavy Industrial Equipment
Car moving through a manufacturing line

Supporting enterprises on their journey to harness the power of AI.

A drone in the sky

Providing real-time, actionable insights.

Edge AI

Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense platform pushes AI to the edge enabling enterprises to gather real-time insights and competitive advantage.

Supported Industries

Asset Inspection
Precision Defect Detection

The power of Brain-Sense™

Delivering industry-leading technology

Our Brain-Sense™ Platform creates cutting-edge AI brains at the forefront of AI technology, producing best-in-class accuracy whilst significantly reducing cost and time to insight.

Mindtrace's AI Brain-Sense Platform

Growing AI Library

New brains are developed as we experience new challenges, industries and use cases.


The AI brains can be quickly adapted to accommodate new and unique use cases.​

Knowledge Transfer

Harnessing existing AI brains to enhance the training of new models.

Continuous Learning

As more data is processed our AI brains continue to learn and improve, reducing time to insight and increasing accuracy.

Minimal Data

The AI Brains require minimal data to create an effective model due to next-generation Machine Learning techniques.

Project Timeline

Your AI Brain is deployed within weeks, not years.


1 Week

Briefing and Data Normalisation

We work closely with your team to curate and normalise the correct dataset.


3 Weeks

Brain Development

Utilising our Brain-Sense™ Platform to develop your AI Brain.


1 Day

Brain Deployment

Your AI Brain is deployed using dedicated Cloud, servers or edge devices.




The brain continuously improves, learning from tasks and knowledge sharing. 

Brain-Sense™ Technology

Business Outcomes

Our core
impact on businesses is three-fold


Significant Reduction in rollout time​

Utilising Mindtrace’s AI Brain-Sense™ Platform, the enterprise-specific brains can be quickly deployed within the organisation, immediately producing high levels of accuracy and consistency. 


An AI Brain capable of dynamic learning

Mindtrace’s AI Brains continuously learn, consolidating new use cases and knowledge sharing with other brains, creating scalable digital intelligence.


Reduction in
cost and time
to insight

Next-generation Machine Learning techniques enable significant reductions in data labelling and manual human intervention, resulting in saved time and money.

Brain-Sense™ Technology

Creating value for clients
across the globe

0 %+
Average Accuracy
0 X+
Reduction in Turnaround Time

Brain-Sense™ Technology

Creating value for clients
across the globe

0 %+
Average Accuracy
0 X+
Reduction in Turnaround Time

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Latest news and articles

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Mindtrace plans on launching Brain-Sense™ technology into space

Mindtrace was invited to meet with some of the leading names in the UK Space Sector to see how Brain-Sense technology can be utilised.


New Partnership: Mindtrace partners with eSmart Systems

Mindtrace partners with eSmart Systems to deliver AI-powered LiDAR analysis services to a major Southern European Utility. 



Enhancing defect detection for a leading automotive company

Completing a large-scale transmission corridor inspection project for a large multinational power distribution company.


11,000 KM of power line,
3 Months.

Completing a large-scale transmission corridor inspection project for a large multinational power distribution company.

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