Transform Precision Manufacturing Defect Detection & Asset Inspection Processes With Mindtrace AI

What humans can see, Mindtrace AI can solve with 95% less training data needed than typical AI Solutions

    Benefits of using Mindtrace AI

    Efficiency Gains and increased throughput

    Mindtrace builds and deploys brain-inspired AI software that enables enterprises to quickly apply state-of-the-art AI capabilities to realize efficiency gains through defect detection applications.

    Significant reduction in rollout time​

    Utilizing our Brain-Sense™ Platform, custom AI solutions can be quickly deployed in the cloud, on-site, and on edge devices immediately producing high levels of accuracy and consistency for many use cases.

    Reduction in cost and time to insight

    Next-generation Machine Learning techniques enable significant reductions in data labelling and manual human intervention, resulting in saved time and money.


    An AI Brain capable of dynamic learning

    Mindtrace’s AI Brains continuously learn, consolidating new use cases and knowledge sharing with other AI brains, creating scalable digital intelligence.

    A cog manufacturing line with a major chip defect highlighted.

    Speed up & augment your inspection tasks

    Boost defect detection accuracy and throughput by utilizing Mindtrace’s proprietary AI software alongside off-the-shelf hardware to upgrade your workforce’s quality control toolkit.


    Detect & flag potential encroachments

    Mindtrace offers a powerful classification, vectorization, and proximity alerts solution from point cloud data. Get actionable insights from LiDAR data within weeks, not months, so you can efficiently address areas of concern.

    Point Cloud Image showcasing a Pole's Lean

    Transform & classify your LiDAR data faster

    Streamline T&D maintenance operations with actionable insights from point cloud data, and boost efficiency by quickly addressing areas needing maintenance attention with pinpoint accuracy.


    The Brain-Sense™ Platform

    Mindtrace’s Platform offers an innovative “brains-as-a-service” solution, empowering you to augment human inspection efficiency with vision-based AI trained on your use cases.


    Mindtrace is building a collection of cutting-edge AI brains that leverage AI & ML technology to deliver best-in-class accuracy while significantly reducing cost and time to insight.



    C-Brain supports over 100 sub-classes and defect types. The classifications can be modified to fit your requirements.

    Use Cases



    D-Brain can identify anomalies and defects within nearly any image type. Your AI brain can be trained using as few as 10 images.

    Use Cases



    A-Brain creates insightful reports and alerts in a variety of formats tailor designed to help you make informed business decisions.

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    Brain-Sense™ Success Stories

    Learn more about our client success stories and discover how we solve enterprise challenges with our Brain-Sense™ Platform combined with years of Computer Vision AI expertise.

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