We Deliver Enterprise Ready Vision AI Solutions in Weeks, Not Quarters

The Brain-Sense™ platform contains different AI Brains, technologies and learning techniques to prepare and process client data, creating custom AI Brains and solutions for our clients.

Combining Leading-Edge Vision-Based AI Technology Into One Platform

Few-Shot Detection

Accurate object recognition with minimal training data, reducing data collection and model training time.

Continuous Learning

Enhancing AI models by allowing them to adapt and improve over time, without starting from scratch.

Transfer Learning

Leveraging pre-trained models on new tasks, reducing normal setup time and data requirements.

Unsupervised Learning

Uncovering hidden data patterns and structures without labeled examples, aiding in speed to insight.

Deep Attention Learning

Enhancing model performance by focusing on important features and improving task understanding.

Self-Supervised Learning

Enabling our models to learn from unlabeled data, reducing the need for annotated training images.


The Brain-Sense™ Platform

Mindtrace’s Platform offers an innovative “brains-as-a-service” solution, empowering you to replace or augment human inspection needs with computer vision trained specifically to your use case.


The Brain-Sense™ Portal

Transform your LiDAR Data and discover new insights through the secure Mindtrace Portal. Click the play button to watch a short demo video or contact us to setup an introductory meeting to discuss our full capability set.

Mindtrace is the Home of Brain-Inspired AI

Mindtrace is building a collection of cutting-edge AI brains that leverage AI & ML technology to deliver best-in-class accuracy while significantly reducing cost and time to insight.

Classification Brain

C-Brain supports over 100 sub-classes and defect types. The classifications can be modified to fit your requirements.

Detection Brain

D-Brain can identify anomalies and defects within nearly any image type. Your AI brain can be trained using as few as 10 images.

Analytics Brain

A-Brain creates insightful reports in a variety of formats tailor designed to help you make better informed business decisions.


Mindtrace's simple, fast, and effective setup process

While many AI projects and models take months and years to scope out and train, Mindtrace has been built specifically to be both nimble and highly-customizable.

By leveraging the leading-edge computer vision technology described above, we’re able to help you get a POC up and running in weeks and a fully functioning solution in months.

Step 1

Send Mindtrace Your Imagery & Data Inputs

Step 2

Decide on AI Brains to Implement & Deployment Type

Step 3

Mindtrace Deploys Customized Brains & Portal via Your Preferred Setup


Producing best-in-class results


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