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Mindtrace’s Brain-Inspired Artificial Intelligence, the future of LiDAR data processing. Reimagining time to insight for Point Cloud Data.

Industry Challenges

High Levels of Cost

Point Cloud Processing is heavily reliant upon human labour which drastically increases costs.

Time to insight

Traditional Point Cloud processing takes months to complete, making the data redundant once received.

Data Protection

Sensitive data is being outsourced to nations with minimal data security leading to potential data breaches.

Mindtrace's AI powered solution

Mindtrace offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for Point Cloud Data Processing, transforming LiDAR data within weeks, not months. Creating a proactive approach to Asset Inspection and Vegetation Management.

End-to-end Solution



Performed by our C-Brain

Mindtrace supports over 45 classifications, Our standard classification includes:

A powerline corridor being classified



Performed by our V-Brain

2D & 3D Vectors of powerline assets are created within hours. We support a variety of data formats including Shapefile, DXF and Geodatabase.

A powerline corridor after vectorisation overlapped onto google maps



Performed by our A-Brain

Mindtrace creates standard and custom analytics for our clients. Example reports include:

Mindtrace Analytics showing the distance from a wire to vegetation


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Average accuracy
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Average Reduction in turnaround Time

All powered by

Brain-Sense™ Technology

Our brains are at the forefront of AI technology, producing best-in-class accuracy whilst significantly reducing cost and time to insight.

Growing AI Library

New brains are developed as we experience new challenges, industries and use cases. Our expanding AI brain library enables brains to be quickly deployed, significantly reducing rollout time.

Minimal Data

Our AI Brains require minimal classified data (5%+) to create an effective model.

Continuous Learning

As more data is processed our AI brains continue to learn and improve, reducing time to insight and increasing accuracy.


The brains can be quickly adapted to accommodate new and unique use cases.​

Industries Mindtrace Supports

Power Distribution

Telco Towers

Oil & Gas Infrastructure



Read our articles and case studies to learn more about how our technology is utilised within asset inspection.


11,000 KM of power line,
3 Months.

Completing a large-scale transmission corridor inspection project for a large multinational power distribution company.


Mindtrace's Analytics Brain

Exploring the inner workings of Mindtrace’s Analytics Brain (A-Brain) to understand its capabilities and outputs. 


23 Classifications for distribution corridors

Working with a large US Transmission & Distribution Utility company to complete 23 classifications for their distribution corridor.


LiDAR and Point Cloud Data Processing

Understanding LiDAR, Point Cloud Data Processing and their role within Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense™ Platform.


Accurately calibrated and denoised point cloud data, as follows:

File format: LAZ

Point density:

  • Minimum number of points of individual pole is 50
  • Minimum coverage is 50% (Coverage is defined as at least 1 wire point in a 50cm length of span)
  • Minimum point density of 50 points per square meter

Meta data:

  • all meta data in the LAZ should be preserved, including the EPSG code
  • Data field: all available data fields in the LAZ should be preserved, including Intensity, Number of Returns, Return Numbers
Centreline shapefiles represent circuit lengths

Yes, we support clients across the globe.

Yes, we would love to work on your data and showcase our capabilities. Please use the contact form below to setup a discovery meeting. 

Our standard classifications support 45+ classes. However, we are adaptable and scalable to our customer’s requirements. 

Yes, in addition to the standard point cloud, vector and report outputs, we also support the customisation and integration of our products into our customers’ existing system and pipelines.

The average delivery time is use-case dependent. However, a 1000-mile project would take approximately 3 days. 

Yes, we are happy to provide pre-sale and after-sale support. Please fill out the contact form below and we will be in touch. 

Not currently, however, we can provide guidance and support on data collection methods and required quality. 

Yes, we are open to collaborating with other enterprises. We already have established partners such as IBM, eSmart Systems and AISPECO.

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