Analytics Brain

Our Analytics Brain empowers you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions by extracting meaningful information from the visual data it receives and providing actionable recommendations.

A-Brain Use Cases

Anomaly Analytics

Products are distinguished from anomalies to normal. When a defect is detected, it is categorized with associated confidence levels, and showcased using bounding box segmentation and heatmaps.

Vegetation Encroachment

Our portal offers interactive 2D and 3D views of vegetation encroachment, along with the corresponding distance measurements from both the wires and the towers.

Pole Lean Assessment

Pole lean conditions are assessed and conveyed as exception alerts via the Mindtrace portal, with the added feature of convenient data export in customizable formats.

Wire Clearance

This clearance assessment encompasses non-vegetation wire clearance, showcasing clearance to buildings, other wire types (e.g. crossing wires), intersecting poles, ground, farmland, water bodies, and more.

Mindtrace Case Studies

Curious to see how A-Brain has been used in conjunction with our other AI Brains to drive real-world results? Check out one of our industry case studies below!

Aerospace Industry

Automotive Industry

Utilities Industry

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