Brain-Sense Technology

Not all AI is built the same

The Brain-Sense difference

Deep understanding delivers superior brains

The Mindtrace team of scientists includes industry-leading experts in AI, machine learning, computer vision and data augmentation.  Their incremental knowledge of technologies underpinning AI models, fused with an R&D focus, has delivered a bleeding-edge AI technology for Enterprises, Brain-Sense.

Unparalleled knowledge of AI technologies

AI Modeling using Unlabeled Data

AI models that learn new use case with less data tagging.

Few-shot Incremental Learning

Use case specific AI brains are trained to learn with few data samples and without model re-runs.

Continuous Learning

Consolidate new use case knowledge continuously.

Growing Enhanced AI Brain Library

Start with enhanced, pre-trained models based on specific use cases.

Reduce cycle time from raw data to actionable insights and reduce enterprise customers' operational costs.

We deploy solutions in weeks not years

Mindtrace goes through data augmentation, model building, optimisation and deployment in a matter of weeks. Our technology is then continuously learning to optimise performance.

Fully Integrated SaaS Platform

Enjoy the power of AI Brain-Sense via the Mindtrace Secure SaaS Platform.  A fully integrated, automated, and powerful solution for creating 3D digital assets and actionable insights.

Process Map of Mindtrace's SaaS Platform

Cost Effective Deployment of Critical AI Systems

Brain-Sense technology can use unlabeled data to train an initial knowledge-based model which is then enhanced with a small amount of labelled dataset before deployment. This results in drastic reductions in the time and cost of model development. Furthermore, our models continue to learn after the deployment at the edge and share new knowledge with peer devices. delivered a bleeding-edge AI technology for Enterprises, Brain-Sense.