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Transform your LiDAR Data and discover new insights for free through the secure Mindtrace Portal – Powered by Brain Inspired Artificial intelligence. 

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Portal Overview

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Powered by Brain Inspired AI

Portal Features

Our Portal changes the way in which LiDAR Data is managed and processed.

Secure File Upload

All .las files uploaded to the Portal are secured via AWS ensuring all your data is safe and secure

All in one portal

Upload all of your .laz files to one place, making it easier than ever to organise your documents

C-Brain - Classification

Our C-Brain AI Technology classifies your point cloud data within days

V-Brain - Vectorisation

Our V-Brain AI produces 2D & 3D Vectors of powerline assets in days


Including Asset Location Reports, Pole Lean Assessment and Intrusion Reporting


How it works


Upload Sample Data

Register and you can immediately upload your .laz files to the portal. 

To ensure our AI Brains can work effectively on your data, we have some best practice data requirements which can be found in the link below.

Mindtrace's AI Brain


Data Processing

Once the data is uploaded our AI Brains will begin processing, with the data moving through the following stages:


Discovery Meeting

The Mindtrace team will reach out to notify you that the sample data has been processed and to setup a meeting to discuss the results and further areas we can support you and your business. 

The numbers speak for themselves

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Average accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

Accurately calibrated and denoised point cloud data, as follows:

File format: LAZ

Point density:

  • Minimum number of points of individual pole is 50
  • Minimum coverage is 50% (Coverage is defined as at least 1 wire point in a 50cm length of span)
  • Minimum point density of 50 points per square meter

Meta data:

  • all meta data in the LAZ should be preserved, including the EPSG code
  • Data field: all available data fields in the LAZ should be preserved, including Intensity, Number of Returns, Return Numbers
Centreline shapefiles represent circuit lengths

The Portal is free to use and doesn’t have an associated cost. Once the data has been successfully processed, we will reach out to discuss how we can successfully work together in the future.

We would love to answer any of your questions. 

Please reach out to [email protected]

We offer AI-powered point cloud classification, vectorisation and analytics for various use cases, including vegetation management, asset inspection & degitisation etc.

We support a wide range of classification, from basic classes for vegetation management to 30+ customisable classes for asset digitisation when required additional input data is available.

Yes, in addition to the standard point cloud, vector and report outputs, we also support the customisation and integration of our products into our customers’ existing system and pipelines.

Register to the Brain-Sense Portal™

Complete the form below to register for the closed beta of the Brain-Sense™ Portal. Once complete, a member of our team will reach out to you via email. 

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