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Mindtrace x eSmart Partnership

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Mindtrace partners with eSmart Systems to deliver AI-powered LiDAR analysis services to a major Southern European utility.


10th October 2022. Manchester, United Kingdom.

Mindtrace will provide LIDAR and vegetation insights alongside eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision® Inspection Management solution.

Mindtrace has announced that it will partner with eSmart Systems, a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure, on the delivery of an end-to-end inspection project in Southern Europe.  eSmart Systems provides Inspection Management for transmission and distribution utilities globally utilizing Grid Vison® Inspect, an operationally ready solution that leverages Collaborative AI to provide a condition-based approach to overhead line inspections.

This collaboration strengthens eSmart Systems’ Grid Vision offering to utilities by utilizing Mindtrace’s AI-powered vegetation and LiDAR insights delivered via it’s Brain-Sense™ technology platform.  Brain-Sense™ is capable of processing LiDAR data at lighting speeds with high accuracy.  This includes Classification, Vectorisation and producing detailed Analytics.

The combined solution will provide this and potentially other utilities an opportunity to shorten inspection cycle time while significantly reducing OPEX associated with the powerline asset maintenance, proximity alerts, and vegetation management.

“Our partnership with eSmart Systems will provide new insights for utilities globally. Combining defect detection with LiDAR and vegetation data gives the utility a comprehensive inspection results”  said Hoon Chung, CEO of Mindtrace AI.

“Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense provide LiDAR and Vegetation data to utilities in record time with improved accuracy over traditional methods, and gives us a complimentary offering alongside our Grid Vision Inspect solution, which we have developed to flexibly bring in LiDAR results alongside virtual inspection data to give our customers the possibility to gain powerful insights on the state of their asset pool” said Douglas Coene Chief Customer Officer, eSmart Systems.

About Mindtrace

MINDTRACE AI builds brain-inspired AI software that enables enterprises to enhance model accuracy and reduce deployment cycle time for use case specific AI capabilities in their respective markets and verticals. Mindtrace flagship technology, Brain-Sense™ leverages unlabelled data and Few Shot Learning, to improve the accuracy of AI models, thus reducing dependency on large sets of labelled data. Additionally, post-deployment, Mindtrace provides capabilities and analytics to learn new insights, in order to drive better decision making and company performance.

About eSmart Systems

eSMART SYSTEMS is a leading provider of AI-powered solutions for the inspection and maintenance of critical infrastructure. With our software solution, Grid Vision® we revolutionize how utility companies operate and maintain their transmission and distribution networks. We support utilities globally to reduce inspection costs, make inspections safer, improve the quality of asset data and prolong asset life.

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