LiDAR point-cloud AI processing for asset inspection & digital twins


The Brain-Sense™ c-Brain is able to process point-cloud data at lightning speed. Thousands of KM of power transmission line unlabelled data and can be classified, using up to 30 classes, within hours.


The Brain-Sense™ v-Brain is able to add unprecedented insights into Classified point-cloud data, delivering a highly accurate 3D Twin of valuable assets. Images superimposed on Google Earth tiles produce highly human-readable output.


Classified and vectorised data sets are used to produce highly intuitive, customer and problem-specific reports, in multiple formats.

Minimise Risk using a 'Proof of Concept' Methodology

We achieve complete system functionality as early as possible, by using a 'proof of concept' methodology, which is designed to minimise risk. We work with each project stakeholder to identify and address issues, conceptualise necessary interfaces, and to develop, design and test future-state business processes, without the need for substantial capital expenditure.