Asset Inspection Case Study

11,000 KM of power line, 3 Months.

By Mindtrace
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Project Overview

Our Client is a multinational power distribution company that operates across natural gas, electric and energy utilities. The organisation required large-scale LiDAR data processing of 11,000KMs of transmission corridor inspection within a short period of time.

Therefore, Mindtrace’s Brain-Sense™ technology was selected to quickly turn around the project, completing classification, vectorisation and analytics on their power distribution assets, resulting in fast data to insight.


Mindtrace faced the following project challenges.

3 Month Project Time Constraint

A large-scale, 11k KM LiDAR project to be completed within 3 months.

Multiple Defect Detection Reports

9+ use cases of defect reports and validating visuals required.

Different Methods of Data Collection

Requiring Mindtrace to accurately process LiDAR data from helicopters, drones and aeroplanes.

Mindtrace Process

Mindtrace offers a comprehensive end-to-end process, supporting the client through data collection, classification, vectorisation and analytics. Below we take you through each stage.

1. Support Data Collection

Mindtrace worked closely with the client to support their data collection process, ensuring that the data collected was sufficient for our AI Brains and could be effectively processed. In this case study, the client used three different sources for data collection, helicopter, drone and aeroplanes. These methods of LiDAR data collection can be combined effectively by our brains to provide a comprehensive overview of the powerline. 

2. Classification

After data collection, our C-Brain successfully classified the 12 classifications specified, consequently preparing the data for vectorisation. Below are the classifications specified:

lidar data of a classified powerline
Mindtrace Vectorisation highlighting dangerous vegetation on a power line

3. Vectorisation

After classification, Mindtrace’s V-Brain Vectorised the LiDAR data, producing 2D & 3D Vectors of the power line assets within hours. Once generated, the dangerous vegetation is also highlighted.

4. Analytics

 After vectorisation, our A-Brain (Analytics Brain) generates reports instantly to provide additional insight to the client. In this use case, 9 custom reports were required. Below shows some of the custom reports generated: 

Mindtrace AI Analytics


Mindtrace’s AI powered Brain-Sense™ technology enabled our client to rapidly classify large-scale LiDAR data of over 11,000KM of powerline and generate custom actionable defect reports within a short cycle time of under 3 months, showcasing the capabilities of Mindtrace’s AI Brains. 

results in numbers
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KM of Powerline
Month Project

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