Mindtrace plans on launching Brain-Sense™ Technology into space

Mindtrace was invited to meet with some of the leading names in the UK Space Sector and see how Brain-Sense™️, our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence solution can be utilised in this important area. Using our bleeding-edge AI, we were able to demonstrate our ability to automate precision manufacturing processes for several leading names in the highly technical space industry on the 22nd & 23rd of November at Made For Space 2022.

Meeting with several prospective customers, we explored the opportunities and possibilities for applying our segment-leading Brain-Sense™️ artificial intelligence solution for manufacturing within the global space sector. The space and advanced manufacturing sectors showcase how new manufacturing technologies and processes can help the progression of the Third Space Age. We have been demonstrating how easy it is to use our BrainSense™️ artificial intelligence solution in digital engineering, automation, robotics, and additive manufacturing.

The event was hosted by the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, UK and Satellite Applications Catapult, and focused on key emerging technologies which include Mindtrace’s BrainSense™️ artificial intelligence solution as applied to the UK Government’s National Space Strategy.

Meeting with representatives from the European Space Agency, NASA, and UK Government at Made for Space 2022, Mindtrace can provide AI solutions for manufacturers in line with The European Cooperation for Space Standardisation (ECSS).

Demonstrating our BrainSense™️ AI abilities, in the Capability for Space Supply Chain (C4SSC), we are looking to partner with Primes and SMEs to help develop a robust supply chain within the space sector.

Mindtrace used the Made for Space conference to show our abilities and is actively seeking to work with Tier 1 industry players (Primes) and their supply chains. We believe in supporting the use of our class-leading AI, creating value and delivering impact for SMEs and multinational organisations alike.

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Source :Mindtrace